Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adam Lambert Defends His Craft and Conscience

Gotta hand it to Wayne Parry in the Associated Press.
His piece on American Idol star Adam Lambert sums the kid up best this way:

'This vocal chameleon can be all things to all listeners, and he kills at whatever he sings. Lambert is equally adept at hard rock, pop, disco, and power ballads, often blending ingredients of several in a single track to produce unforgettable results.'

Hey, you know, I do not expect him to be anything else to anyone. His range and command of music and voice, as exhibited on the Idol show, was nothing short of spectacular.

But I have to do a real shout out to Lambert as well. Accosted for his opinion on everything from politics to world peace since he became a household name, he continues to just, well, sing. He even told an interviewer at Out Magazine that he does not want to comment on global issues, he just wants to make good songs: 'That is what I do,' he said. 'I am not a politician. I am an entertainer. Why do people expect me to talk about civil rights? Not every gay man is the same gay man.'

Amazingly, activists are chiding him for not parading a flag at the march on Washington. Please. Cut the kid a break. An entertainer who does what he is good at, and is not the least bit embarrassed that he does not have to save the world by his 21st birthday. Why is he being chastized and criticized for his candor and honesty in stating his goal is simply to make good music? The people who voted for him on American Idol did not do so because of his ability to change the world. It was because of his ability to sing, so how about letting him follow his own path and just do what he does best?

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