Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Government Says 'Nyet!' to Gays in Moscow

The Kremlin is still coming down on gays in Russia. Maybe not hanging them like in Iran but still censuring them like witches in Salem. The latest and most foolish effort found a couple of activists and gay pride organizers guilty of "popularizing homosexuality among minors and the court ruled to fine them 1,500 rubles [about USD$50] each," reports Interfax. Here is a pix off the Qweerty site showing a quiet protest for a loud injustice.

Last month they organized a public demonstration with posters reading "Homosexuality is normal" and "I am proud of my homosexuality"; a judge ordered the posters destroyed, issuing his decision from a court in Ryazan, identified as the only region in Russia where a law that bans discussing homosexuality with minors is enforced. Right out of California, circa 1978. Even President Reagan opposed that proposition.

This is just the lead up to Moscow's gay pride march on May 16, which will not proceed if Moscow's latest mayor has his way. Year-after-year, their city hall has refused to grant a marching license to organizers, but at least activists are fighting it in the European Court of Human Rights. There do not appear to be too many rights in Moscow. There are still causes to be fought in America, because each door we open here sends a message of inspiration to gays everywhere else in the world.

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