Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Transgendered Stanton Lands New Job in South Florida

A small town just south of Palm Beach, Florida, has a new city manager today. She is Susan Stanton, the former Largo city manager who drew national media attention after being fired for announcing plans for a gender change.

Susan was selected as Lake Worth's city manager today by a 4-1 vote.

Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill said she liked Stanton's approach to marketing the city and her ability to work for such a long time in Largo."The fact that she stayed 17 years with one city through several different commissions said something to me," Mulvehill said."I thought she had the right temperament for our city and, truthfully, I learned a lot from her," Vice Mayor Jo-Ann Golden said.

Commissioner Cara Jennings said she favored Stanton because of her team-building approach to managing city staff. "She's highly motivated," Jennings said. "Also, we need someone who wants to be here for a long time." During an interview at city hall Monday, Stanton said she would work to educate city staff, spend a lot of time communicating with commissioners and would focus on the "three Ps - pride, passion and professionalism."

Note each of the comments dealt with Ms. Stanton's work performance, not her gender; her talents, not her tops. Look, any job as a city manager is tenuous at best, and to have spent 17 years at one municipality already said measures about Stanton.

Sexuality became the diversion, the ick factor her other city could not deal with. Maybe in Lake Worth she will be able to focus on her talents and expand her efforts for transgender equality simply by doing what Pericles once said of Athens thousands of years ago:

"If Athens shall appear great to you, consider that her greatness was won and purchased simply by good men doing their duty every day."

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