Saturday, April 4, 2009

Right Wingers Propose Florida 'Pre Marital Preparation' Bill

Friends like this you do not need. An attorney who heads the conservative Florida Family Council, and who co-authored the successful Amendment 2 anti-gay marriage initiative, is taking his stance on 'traditional marriage between a man and a woman' one step further.

John Stemberger is now calling for more government involvement in heterosexual marriage, this time proposing higher marriage license fees, state-mandated premarital counseling, and more obstacles for heterosexual married couples seeking divorce.

“Basically, when we succeeded with Amendment 2,” Stemberger told the Orlando Sentinel, “we asked ourselves: What do we want to do next? We wanted to do something big.” Stemberger’s “Strong Marriages Campaign” is promoting what they call a “Premarital Preparation Bill” before the State Legislature.

The bill already has several sponsors, and Stemberger is pushing for an additional $100 marriage fee to be charged to couples unless they first complete eight hours of state-mandated premarital counseling. No word yet on whether you have to check with Stemberger on when to go shopping, when you are allowed to have sex, and which movies you can send your kids to.

The good thing about losing to bad people is that eventually they push so far they inevitably go off the deep end. This is one of those stories.

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