Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pro Marriage Video Becomes National 'You Tube' Parody for Gays

This is off the blog site, My Auburn, and we lift it with full credit to their creativity:

Have you seen the unintentionally hilarious TV ads from the National Organization for Marriage?

They're the bigoted group behind the $1.5 million TV ad to convince you that everybody should be afraid that The Gay is taking over the world, in the wake of the Iowa Supreme Court decision and Vermont Legislature's action. Now that activist legislators are actively legislating from their legislatures to legalize gay marriage, religious activists are turning up the volume on their anti-gay marriage rhetoric.

In an unintentional but hilarious gift to gay bloggers everywhere, the National Organization for Marriage has even dubbed their campaign "2M4M." (FYI, adding the "2" in front of the "M" is shorthand for a male couple in search of a single male).

Anyway, I find the argument that gay marriage is going to harm my straight marriage just plain silly. Should I be worried that my wife of two decades might run off with Elton John? I don't think so.

Matt Yglesias put it quite well: "It's not as if straight people are being asked to give anything up when gay and lesbian couples want to get married. The lives of heterosexuals will just continue as before."

I guess gay marriage is supposed to infringe on my religious freedom because it goes against the Old Testament Hebrew God's No-No-List. Well, so does my neighbors eating ham. And what about people who cook on Saturdays or who wear cotton-polyester blend shirts? That's going against biblical strictures, too. And it's no less an "abomination" than eating shrimp, or by touching your wife or daughter when she's "niddah." These things would all be equally “unclean” (toevah) behavior - - for a Jew.

Can anyone explain to me why it is okay to ignore these particular biblical prohibitions but it is not okay to ignore two people loving each other and marrying the consenting adult of their choice? Moreover, can you explain why you think it’s any of your business?

Frankly, I feel that the institution of marriage has already withstood so many socially-sanctioned debasements from heterosexuals, what with reality television couplings, game shows that reward the outing of infidelity, Brittany Spears' 55-hour trial marriage, and Christian "family-values" leaders who serial cheat on their own families with gay prostitutes -- that I doubt that gay marriage puts the institution in any special peril. Divorce does, but nobody seems as worried about that.

While I don't agree with N.O.M.'s beliefs or claims, I have to congratulate them for breaking new ground in the field of unintentional hilarity. Truly, this is an inspiration and it's ripe for parody.

Editor's Note:
The number of video retorts that have popped up on You Tube are so many I will be screening the best for publication on later today.

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