Monday, March 30, 2009

Equality Forum Will Feature Choirs and Choruses

For the first time at Equality Forum 2009, a gay, a feminist, and a mainstream chorus will share the stage for a joint concert.

Join the Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus, Anna Crusis Women's Choir and the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia for an unprecedented choral event, featuring 300 singers.

"This unprecedented concert of gay, feminist and mainstream choral groups symbolizes inclusion and reflects Voices of Equality," stated Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director, Equality Forum.

The Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus, under the artistic direction of Joseph Buches, is the region's largest all-male chorus with over 100 members, and one of the nation's first gay men's choruses.
Anna Crusis Women's Choir, under the artistic direction of Jacqueline Coren, is the country's longest running feminist choir - empowering its audiences on important issues of the day.

The Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, under the artistic leadership of Alan Harler, has been presenting innovative choral performances for more than 100 years.

Equality Forum 2009 Visit for more information. The event is the first week of May in Philly, and each year it gets more impressive in its depth, diversity, and significance. I have never been invited to speak so you know that it only takes classy people.

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