Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Pride at 40' A Stunning Historical Video

Over 2,500 views already on this magical You Tube 2009 'Pride Video' Release, a Stonewall Celebration, capturing the Blly Joel 'We Did Not Start the Fire' Magic. 40 years of pride, encapsulized in these fast moving five and a half minutes.

This is the kind of energy we want to deliver daily here on Pride. Gotta have pride. Power is Pride. Pride is Power.

From 'An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail,' to 'Gays are People Too,' this video is historical, accurate, and stunning, capturing Ronald Reagan's silence in the face of AIDS deaths, Disney World's wrestling battle with Gay Days, Anita Bryant, same-sex marriage, crystal meth, Rosie, and so much more. You have to see it, absorb it, lend your being to its energy. Then watch it again. It is our life, from boys in the band to Matthew Shephard.

It is not just five minutes and forty three seconds of music. It is history. It is us. It is who we were, where we were, and where we are. Should actually be played in high school classes everywhere. That's my opinion, and I am queer. For a long time now, too.

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