Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Publisher Norm Kent

Hi, if you are one of the three thousand people that has registered as a user for NGN, or one of the thirty five thousand people that have accessed our website nationally and internationally in the past two years, I am Norm Kent, your publisher. And I am simplifying. Going from a full scale .com aggregate website with Joomla to something so easy I can do it myself. Blogging. Commentary. News about the News.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The costs of sustaining a site are prohbitive, weighed against the revenues generated. You can perfect a blog to generate some ads and communicate your message just as effectively much more efficiently. I have found with my Broward Law Blog that simplicity works.

There is no national gay paper. There should be. The economic climate, some would say, is not right. Play into the face of defiance, I say. A weekly gay newspaper would be picked up by hundreds of thousands every Sunday. Someone just has to underwrite it. But papers are everywhere are dying, so right now no one is buying. The time will come though.

We know that gay people are about more than bars and beaches. The world is communicating it. But the message still needs to get out. This blog will be a small vehicle, with less pieces, more visuals, and more commentary than the website. The message will still be that we are everywhere, and we are coming to a neighborhood near you. But do not be afraid. We are your friends, not the Blob Who Invaded Earth. We are your partners, your family members, your community.

Simplicity is defining. Our messages will be shorter but just as valuable. Maybe we will not run every cartoonist, feature every columnist, but we will give you links to get to sites of their own. Maybe they will trade back ours. But this site should be attractive and newsworthy enough to keep your attention on a daily basis.

If it is to be, it is up to me. There were some people that kept going for over two years with their efforts. They should be congratulated. They are appreciated. But I am downsizing. If you had been allowed in the army, you would know what I mean: KISS this. Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Thus the new Keeping it simple, keeping it sweet, driving it home.


  1. Good Luck Norm, the new site looks clean and easy to read. Adam

  2. Kudo's Norm, site looks really great. Keep up to awesome work!

    Your the B L O G master!!!