Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Women Initiate Cross Country Homeless Pride Walk for LGBT Youth

Start a blog like this and you cannot cover every AIDS walk in every city in the country or every pride festival, important though they are. What you can do is salute the heroes who make a difference, mention the voices that are heard, and the people whose contributions today lead to hope for tomorrow.

Found out with Nationalgaynews.com as a website that to just publish every press release and report every pride event is to say a little about a lot. I would rather say a lot about the little efforts that lead to big things. So today a shout out goes to Jill Hardman and Chloe Noble, who beginning next month are walking across America for LGBTQ homeless youth.

They will set out on foot from Seattle, Washington traveling first to San Francisco, then east across the country to Boston, New York, and then Washington D.C. From there they will continue souththwest to New Orleans and end their long journey in Austin, Texas. Their goal is to cover 6000 miles, to raise awareness about Queer homeless youth in America. Their entire walk will be homeless, which will give them a unique opportunity to film Queer homeless youth all over the United States.

Says Noble, "We are excited for this opportunity to serve those less fortunate in the LGBTQ community. Through this walk we will be a part of something beautiful, powerful, thought-provoking, and meaningful."

Everyone who is interested can "virtually walk with them" by following their website - which will be loaded with videos, photos, and posts collected on their journey.

"Almost 40% of homeless youth in America identify as LGBTQ," says Noble, "We want to help give this incredibly diverse group of Queer youth a voice and a platform to stand on.” Let’s hope their efforts materialize. Here is their site:

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